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Allyson Corcoran, owner of Oaks Family Counseling, is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida. She provides mental health counseling for individuals, children, and families going through divorce, separation or difficult times. Additional services provided are Social Investigations/Custody Evaluations, Private Guardian ad Litem Services, and Parenting Coordination Services; she is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. Allyson evaluates testimonies or court records and can provide expert witness testimony as it pertains to mental health, domestic abuse, child development and other family issues or concerns.

Allyson is familiar with the legal system and the toll it can take on families and clients. She has years of experience working with families who are in difficult situations or going through a high-conflict divorce. She understands heated court battles over timesharing and the emotional strain this can put on your client. She works with clients to increase their advocacy skills and self-esteem and enables them to be better prepared to endure the lengthy court process. She educates them on what to expect in legal situations, so they are better able to use their new skills to help themselves in court. Allyson has experience working with victims of domestic abuse, partnering with attorneys and other providers and empowering those who are feeling intimidated by the legal system. She has extensive training in working with children and families and in determining what is best for all of the involved parties.

Allyson is located right here in Florida, so scheduling is easier and there is no need to pay for expensive traveling costs from another state. If these reasons aren’t compelling enough, reach out to her to schedule a meeting and you will see the impact she can have on your family law cases.

  • Private Guardian ad Litem: $200/hour with $3,000 retainer

  • Social Investigator/Custody Evaluation: $200/hour with $3,000 retainer

  • Reunification Counseling Session: $200/session

  • Court Involved Counseling Session: $150-$250/session

  • Counseling Session for Court Readiness Court Services* $150/session

  • Expert Witness Testimony: $250/hour, with minimum


Additional Information Regarding Court Services:

  • Fees apply to travel, records review, report writing, communicating with the attorney, communication with the counselor outside of scheduled sessions, communicating with witnesses or other parties, waiting at court, depositions, preparing for court, testimony time, tasks performed by office staff and/or other related services.

  • Court services require a one hour minimum. After the first hour, time will be billed in quarter hour increments.

  • There is a minimum fee of 4 hours ($1,000) required for court appearance or testimony, regardless of actual time spent. If the court appearance is cancelled with less than a three-day notice, the minimum fee applies. The fee to reserve a full day (9am-5pm) for a court appearance is $2,000.

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