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  • She’s an amazing, thoughtful therapist! I know she listens and doesn’t ever make me feel judged or different. -KR

  • I've only been seeing my counselor for a couple weeks and she's already helped so much. She really seems to get me and makes me feel like I'm not crazy. I have a lot of confidence that we can work through all my different triggers one by one. -KA

  • My counselor has really been helping me deal with a lot of the feelings I’ve had while grieving and making strives to move forward with my life. It’s only been a few weeks but I can already feel my mindset gradually changing. She’s amazing! -JE

  • My counselor is amazing. Sometimes the simplest review says it all. -MI

  • My counselor is an excellent therapist. You can tell she knows and cares about humans! She is really intuitive and wise and quite adept at picking up on themes and patterns easily. In a few short sessions, I already feel like I know myself better (and I've been in therapy for years). She has a friendly approach that makes me feel safe to open up and I truly value the push to set weekly goals to keep me working on myself between sessions. She also has a lot of valuable resources to share as well :) -KE

  • I had a few sessions with the counselor, but felt heard by her and always felt better after one of our chat sessions. She’s definitely responsive and understanding. I would highly recommend her. -SU

  • The counselor has been a fantastic sounding board for our teenage daughter. She listens and provides useful strategies that have helped our daughter to make positive changes. She is always responsive and it is apparent that she truly cares about our daughter. -ER

  • The counselor has been amazing at helping me through a very hard time in my life. -RO

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