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Getting Divorced... Now What?

Deciding to divorce is a a difficult decision but now that it's decided - what do you do next? Sometimes it's hard to even think about the future or you're intimidated by the thought of going to court. Maybe you don't know how to tell your children or you can't begin to think of how you make such a drastic change in your life.... Maybe you're afraid of how your soon-to-be-ex will handle it and you know you need to be prepared for anything they throw your way. 


We can help! We know how to support you through this and we know you'll be okay, even if it doesn't feel that way right now. We also offer several services that may be beneficial as you go through the divorce process or as you go through the legal process and disagree about coparenting and timesharing (custody) arrangements. 

For many people, divorce isn't something they have experienced before and they have no idea where to start. At the very least, you can meet with to get an idea of what this looks like and how you can take care of yourself and support your children through this major life change. 

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