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In Memory of Dr. Terry Davies
July 6, 1944 - August 15, 2023


Clinical Psychologist

My father inspired me to be a better person and to want to understand the workings of the mind. He was so proud of me for becoming a counselor and starting my own group practice. Truth be told, he was proud of me no matter what I did. He had such an impact on those who met him and he is loved beyond belief. I am his legacy and I take that role seriously. I love you, dad.  -Allyson Corcoran

Terry (he/him/his) earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, his Master's Degree from University of North Texas and his PhD from California Southern University.  After living up north, Terry and his wife knew they wanted to head south again and settled in Ocala, where it is much warmer!


Terry formerly worked with children and families at Johns Hopkins University Hospital before spending many years involved in business psychology and career counseling and development.

Terry spends the majority of his time facilitating workshops, speaking and consulting. He can be found in the Ocala office where he is training his cat to be a therapy cat and also conducts sessions virtually. 

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