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Abigail Macchiato ("Abby") is a retired Therapy Dog and very good girl. She is a rescue who had a hard life before she was adopted. In her free time she enjoys naps in the sun, naps on the couch, car rides, wearing pajamas, camping in the RV, chewing on bones, lots of attention, and spending time with her family and her puppy siblings. 

Penelope Funnel Cake ("Penny") is a Therapy Dog In Training and has the sweetest personality. She's a pup with a big heart and a lot of energy! She loves everyone and everything! Her favorite things to do in her free time are making new friends, digging holes, running fast, barking and yodeling, snuggling, eating things she finds in the yard, digging under the fence, climbing, camping in the RV, and spending time with her family and puppy siblings.

Theodore Flannel ("Teddy Beans") is a relatively new addition. Currently he's the office puppy and is learning the ropes. One day he aspires to be a therapy dog. He's full of love and energy and enjoys going to the office. In his free time he likes to play with his sisters and follow them around, chew on squeaky toys and anything else he finds,  go camping in the RV with his sister, howl, and eat treats! 

Eleanor Toffee ("Ellie") is the newest addition to our "team" of pups. She is just a baby and is learning how to be a "working dog." She mostly walks around the office exploring and meeting new people while wearing cute dresses - except when she's napping. In her free time she loves to run fast, chew on things, get the squeakers and stuffing out of her toys, and eat treats. She hasn't been camping yet, but loves outside time with her big sisters and big brothers. 

Therapy Dogs & Office Puppies

Good Girls & a Good Boy

Abby, Penny, Ellie and Teddy Beans

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