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Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Garrett Dhondt (he/him/his) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who studied at the University of Florida and graduated with his Masters of Education in Mental Health Counseling. Garrett counsels teens, adults, and college students experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, adjustments and transitions, ADHD, stress, college issues, and identity development. He is also trained in Exposure and Response Prevention for working with OCD and other anxiety-related disorders including phobias and social anxiety. He tailors each session to client needs using techniques such as unlearning unhelpful thought patterns, reframing these, and identifying ways to align our actions closer to our values. Additionally, Garrett seeks to help clients find and practice coping skills that feel helpful to them while applying other skills to help this process. Whether it is creating the space and strength for vulnerability, or trying to find an alternate, neutral perspective to things that feel overwhelming or negative, Garrett seeks to meet clients where they are.

Outside of sessions, Garrett enjoys anime, playing video games and board games, and sharing laughs with his friends and family. He loves sharing pet photos too!

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